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Tuesday, July 15, 2008



hola everybody!hee~~
new h0pe.and absolutely new me.
starting from dis week i have to struggle so hard for my 1st monthly test.
11 august.wah!makin dekat je ni.blaja.,blaja.
i'll start having my driving lesson tomorrow.wee~cant wait la.
to get my own lesen.yela mende ni dah lama tertangguh.haha,
org lain dah ader lesen sume tapi saya ni?aish..xpe2 bia
lambat asal selamat.hohoh.

oke maybe i will stop blogging for a while,to concentrate more on my study,
it doesnt mean that selama ni this blog distacting me from blaja but
this is my 1st test since im in form 6,need to make my parents proud.


till then.
will be back s00n.

1 comment:

cik pinat.... said...

gudluck for ur monthly test ya!!!

mish uuuu...