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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

new hobby.

im still sleepy a bit la right now.
but i cant sleep bcause im not used to sleep after subuh.
if not,i will suffer from here i am.
pagi2 online dah.haha.

since I'm on my holiday mood,so i do have a lot of time
to do whatever i want.
not really fun actually.kinda bored.but i managed to cope with my new hobby
which is READING. :)

to be frank,
i only read books when i need to face my exam.haha.

i do like reading.i read a lot of books in a day.
my fav books are of course the HANNAH MONTANA series.
yaya..i love it.

i dont care if people think im not matured bcause i read a book which didnt suit my age.

i dont bother la.i have fun reading it.

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