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Sunday, August 3, 2008

still blogging?

im still here.
i know im suppose to be at my room.
revise 4 my test.
coming up on 12 august.
but i cant take the pressure anymore.
im stress out.
sgttt tension.ok lets get this over.
i have a problem.everybody does have a prob.but i dont knw who im going to share my
prob with.
theres a saying that goes :
"takde insan yg mulia yg xde masa lampau."
"and takde insan yg bdosa yg xde masa depan".
but why should some of us think that once a person done something wrong,she will
nvr given a chance to improve herself.we should always give tht person a second try to better.
so stop judge a person by her/his old story or habits.
we just a normal human being.we r not perfect.
everybody deserves a 2nd chance.

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