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Saturday, October 18, 2008

they complete me.

i dont want them to be perfect.
i dont want them whole.
i just want a piece of what they have.
because we will try to complete each other in different way.
ta paham?buat2 paham la.
now i know and i do believe every single thing happened with a reason.
frankly,im not really happy when i know i will have to be in a new school.
many things come across my mind. besides,i cant face the fact that i will
have to face new life without bix and pod.wa.~sedih weyy.
then skrg i am thankful that i have new fact new bestfriends.
i wont regret anything since i;ve known them.
they complete me.
even sometimes the things get rough,
we always be there for each other.
i know im not a good friend.but i want to tell u guys something that really amazed me,
what i feel bile ngan korg,stupid jokes, sume tu make me feel lyke dah macam lama kenal korg.

yah!i know im kinda emotional skrg.
tapi i hope our friendship will last until the end of the world.
i cant live without korg.haha.

from the bottom of my heart.
i ♥ korg sume!

syida!kau xjoin td kalu x musti lagi best.
weyy korg td best la ramai2 g raya!

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