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Friday, November 28, 2008


ok i know lately what i wrote
were quite emotional.
I'm sorry i didn't mean to do so.
it just that currently i felt a bit depressed and stress
about not happy with hw things are going.

every single thing i do
it seems to be different from what i expected.
seriously i really need ESQ right now.
thats the only way to make me feel better.

I feel left-out,
I feel lost,
i dont know what i reaally want in my life.

owh ok.
let me briefly tell you guys bout ESQ.
It is basicly a motivation seminar.
i learned a lot from ESQ.
It teaches me how to be a better person.

I cant tell you the excitement i had.
you will feel how close you are to ALLAH.
hw lucky you are to be one of HIS KHALIFAH.

eh ttibe je masuk citer sal ESQ ni.


ttibe i was wondering kalau aku xpraktikkan ape yg aku
dpt dr ESQ rugi je pegi.

so skrg im trying my very best to apply what
i've learned and try to change myself to be
a better person from time to time.

no more loitering around for no reasons.


1 comment:

Monkey D Luffy said...

jgn fikirkan sgt masalah2 tu semua. enjoy your short life