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Sunday, November 2, 2008

fun time part 1

if we feel stress out
do things that will make us happy because
we will feel release after that.
thats what i did.
petang tu kteorg konvoi kete g jalan2.
me,leha,mal,adli,lee,& syidot.
lately im not so uncomfortable how things r going.
so after all, i decided to do crazy things with my besties
tada ;))
pose ala2 power rangers
baget sweet main hujan
them without me.aku kat sbelah payung tu.haha

then, main hujan xingat dunia batuk2.
best la.mesti org pelik bdk2 ni gile ke?
aku peduli ape.
seronok tol.

weyy korg!
maybe we should do it more often!

♥ them!

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