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Friday, January 2, 2009

toodles 2008 hello 2009! ;)

by the Name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
im back.
happy new year 2009.
hope this year will bring more and more happiness,
joy and fun as well.
well, as you guys know.
this year i'll be sitting for my stpm examination.
a BIG exam.the only chance to determine my future.
i'll never waste this chance.aminnn~

some of my bestfriends at school will be leaving for
Uni or college.
she'll be awaaaayyy to ITP.
institut teknologi petronas.
she got it.
im sad that i'll loose one of the person who made my day at school
most of the time.
but what to do,
her future is more important.
tpakse la rela je...i 'll miss you sis.really i do.

ni la antara sweet moments dgn leha. ;( sob.

for those people yang dpt better offer out there,
just go and grab your chance.
i'll support you guys 100 %
do pray for me for my stpm.

im not gonna update this blog as much as i did
before bcause i've got lots of commitments to deal with.
sorry for any inconvenience.

congrats to suhailah,syera's sis for doing well in her pmr exam.
you go girl.
(bsemangat nak study tgk muka su happy tyme amik result)



:siti syahirah saffinee:: said...

hello 2009..

hahaha..this year kite 19 thun daa..
semakin tua nmpk nye kite ea..
btw, wish u luck in ur stpm this year..

tnoe said...

thanks syerr!
tu la rs baru je semalam men guli
maen yoyo
maen kawen2.

skrg dah tua.
seronok la jugak.