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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

special thanks to...........................?

adli & noe.
thanks a lot.
u guys are the best!!
i know i can count on you in anytime
any situation.
it was embarassing to cry in front of them
over a stupid thing.
tapi diorg ok je.
lepas dh lepas emo & cite sume prob kat mereka
i felt much much better.
adli especially,he knows how to deal with emotion and all.
noe on the other hand,knows hw to cheer me up.
i ♥ korg la.
seriusly i do bebeh.
cant imagine my life will be without both of you.

ayat nak hebat aje.


1 comment:

fafaz said...

cayang mereka juga..

sje nk mnyibuk..