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Friday, February 6, 2009

how about you candidate A?

today i did my mock muet exam.
seriously it was a blast!
mane taknye,boleh bantai gelak lagi ngan sara,lin & fza.
tajuk kiteorg,
which of the following is the most useful electronic gadget.
  1. handphone
  2. computer
  3. CCTV
  4. microwave
i was candidate D so my point was all about uses of microwave.
harini performance agak moderate.
xpuas hati td ade gagap searching 4 words.
tak suka la.xpe bleh prektis lagi.
my target nak dpt band 6 muet this may.
insya ALLAH.

overall best la prektis td.and teacher pun gave us good comments.


p.i.n.a.t said...

uish..sgt tkot muet...

btw..good luck..aku tau anda muleh mok!!

fafaz said...

aku pown nk dpt band6 gak..!