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Monday, March 9, 2009


just got back from a short family vacation.
went to malacca.
we had lots of fun.
tak la jalan ke mana pun.
tapi best jugak.
even tgh jalan2 pun otak ni still ingat kat buku.
pelik an?
maybe sbb exam stpm dah makin dkt.
skrg dah bulan 3
kang bulan 4
and finally...
dah hari exam.
i need to double my effort.
i need to get 4 flat in all my subjects.
i need to work hard,
this is my last & only chance to pay back what i did in my spm.
i know the journey is hard
i know i have to sacrifice a lot to get what i want,
and i know i can do it,.
take small step at a time,
insya ALLAH.

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