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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I know you are going to read this.
I know you might think Im such a loser
who didnt have the gut to speak up directly
what i felt to you.
but the fact is I dont want to make things worst.
Im not a type of person who willing to see others to feel bad for what
I did or said.
but I knw I did it somehow.
face it la we just a normal human being.
we did mistake.
but I cant understand why you were acting like that.
I really cant understand what was going on that moment.
suddenly you became emotional & talk nonsense.
I tried to make things back to normal by trying to be nice to you
but what did you said to me?
"takpayah la nak amik hati aku!"
I was likeeeeeee............ok....
so I ran away.
I tried to be mature & controlling my anger.
I dont want it to spill out & I'll throw all those rubbish-mcarut words to you.
If I am angry to someone,
I will try my very best to control my anger and feeling.
thats the better way to make things right.
I dont want to heat up the fire.
I know how hurt it is if someone do the same things to me.
so moral of the story?
I just go with the flow.
I cant do anything;
You are old enough.
19 y/o.
choose what you want do& what you have to do.
I dont want to do something that
can build up a gap
in our relationship


nOe cengeng said...

tnOe kaseh ku...
did u mean 'me'?????
la dear..cOme On..
i was jOking On dat day Ok..
i knew it's like jerk when i'm trying tO be dat...
make u uncOmfOrtable with me..(segan)
wat ever it is...i luv u mOre tnOe...

~wani~ said...

naper ni??
tak mau ceni eh..
tak baik2..