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Friday, May 29, 2009

sorry la masalah wanita sket

"for every promise,there is price to pay."
I dont have any idea whats going on to me lately.
I cant manage to control my anger.
suddenly it will spill out like a volcano.
Dear P,
you know how long I have been waiting to see you?
we promised to watch that movie together.
when you SMS-ed me that morning,
i was in the middle of the assembly.
so I cant reply your msg.
I think theres no use to explain anything here.
thats your right tho.
aku dah takde mood nak tgk
citer tu.
sorry for any inconvenience.

1 comment:

p.i.n.a.t. said...

okeh serius...
aku trase dgn entry nih..
really2 sorry my dear...
really2 am..
i thought ko da tgk that movie..
a thousand apologise from me to u...