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Monday, May 11, 2009

happy mother's day & happy bday to me

happy mother's day utk mama.
thanks 4 everysingle thing you have done to us.
you are the best mother in the whole wide world.
theres no word to express how much I ♥ you,
Im sorry I knw I did mistakes.
I knw Im not a good daughter.
I promise I'll be a better person.
thanks mama.
I love you.
oh ye,.
harini bday aku.
dah tua.
19 tahun.
I still on my way to do something I havent achieve through all my life.
terima kasih YA ALLAH.
kau beri aku peluang bnafas lagi di bumi mu ini.


Figo The Spark said...

happy bufday tnoe.....xpe tnoe,ko bru je nk strt tue....ak da lame da tue...x kecoh pn...hahaa....gudluck 4 exm ni

Anonymous said...

tua dah. cepat kawen. lapo nasik minyak ni. aahaha