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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

antara garisan

watched a drama entitled
antara garisan.
good story line.
it is about people who live
in 2 different worlds.
zaman gelap.*penuh maksiat
and another one is
zaman penuh keimanan & ktakwaan.
moral value yang aku dpt ialah:
~takde org yg baik yg takde masa lampau& takde org bdosa yg takde masa depan.
we should not judge a person
by her/his appereance only.
be nice to one another.
we are just a normal human being.
we have our own
strength and weakness.
yang baik jgn la rasa diri
tu lebih bagus dr org
lain sbb tak semestinya
yg baik akan trus baik
people change as the time goes by.
jgn underestimate org.
calling someone a sinner doesnt make you a better person.
respect others & be good
no matter who's the person you are dealing with.
I've seen lots of people who
like to judge people
around them.
*dosa pahala org bukan manusia yg tentukan.
enough is enough la.
kita pun bukan baik sgt.
ntah2 org yang awak kutuk
tu 1000x lagi baik dr
*but Im not saying yang anda bebas mbuat dosa ye.
renung2 kan dan selamat tsentap.

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slamat tersentap..