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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dear BFF

assalamualaikum & hello.
sorry I havent update my blog for quite sometimes.
first of all sorry to my dear BFF sbb tak dpt join
kita punya so called Reunion aritu.
something came out last minute.
aku memang teringin gile nak melepak dgn korg.
you know how much I misss korg kan?
as usual,
I have to deal with my personal problem.
and I bet some of you knew it already..
but now things are just soo rough and I am having the
hardest time of my life.
the same lame issue is back.
sometimes I dont have the strength to keep
moving on.
but I know I have tooo.
for those who support me through all this while,
thanksss a bunch.
I don't really bother about my life now.
I just want my old abang back.
I really do.
He is still the same abang for us ,physically
but he is not the one
he used to be ,emotionally.
oh and my dad is in the operation theatre right now.
He is on his 3rd operation regarding his
left eye.
so guys sorry if I don't have the chance to
lepaking dengan korg,
I have lots of responsibilities to deal with.
but I promise we will have the chance to
gather balik soon.
I miss all of you sooo much.
do pray for me.semoga aku dpat
kentalkan diri dgn ujian ni.


fafa said...

be strong tnoe..

tNOe said...

thnksss fafa;
I will.


fafaz said...

its okayh kau tak join us coz i know u busy with ur dad.
memula tuh ingt ko ada sekali but then they told me dat ko ke kl according to ur dad health prob.
its okayh babe!
u do what u have to do.
next time kita wat reu lagik and i hope u come.
u must comes!
and at last,
doa banyak banyak okayh!
for ur abang and ur dad!
cant wait to see u.
and only gods knows how much i miss our old good times.
sob sob.
currently miss u so much!

tNOe said...

ok fazzz.
I will.
dont worri akak dah kental skrg ni.
berkat sokongan korg la aku jadi
sekental ini.