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Saturday, February 6, 2010

segmen kenangan lalu

I was thinking how
I have come this far in my life.
Dulu, when I was a kid,
selalu harap nak dewasa cepat,
sebab bila dewasa dpt buat apa je.
but now I know the truth.
being an adult is nothing.
the hypothesis is simple.
the older you are,
more problems and obstacles
will come into your life.
and it depend on how
you deal with it.
and basically emotion control is
really important.
once you loose your emotion control
and let your emotion takes over you,
you will face bigger problem.
oh ya.
tiba tiba rindu sekolah.
I miss cikgu TUN soo much.
She is not just a teacher for me,
but we are more like friends.
semua benda boleh cerita pada beliau.
*wlaupun umur jauh beza,tapi cik tun jiwa muda.heehe
kepada adik2,
hargai lah masa muda anda
di sekolah.
waktu sekolah adalah masa
yang paling best dalam hidup
and it will be with us
for the rest of our life.