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Monday, September 20, 2010

kuik up det

hi people.
I'm not in a mood to post anything
here for a time being.
maybe when the right time comes,
I'll be back.
Oh ya
I have the feeling to DELETE this blog as well.
but heyy it will be such a waste if I do so
cos I wrote down everything happened in my life
for the past 3 years in this blog.
No No No I wont do it.
So I've decided to just let this blog to stay as
it suppose to be.
Maybe it wont be no frequent update from me but
It will be here forever.

1 comment:

sonnet™ said...

best la title entry kali ni
alaaaa..jgn la padam
aku rajen singgah blog ko T_T
OOUH..kantoi di situ.,ekeke!