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Friday, October 29, 2010


had a short conversation with my
floormate a.k.a my bestfriend in college,

Siti Khodijah a.k.a
si kecik.

initially, we chatted about silly things,
but towards the end,
I realised something.
I was crying while typing because I know
the fact that by next sem there will be

no morekecik to teman me makan,
no more kecik to come over to my room everyday to
chat and do silly jokes together,
no more kecik to share laksa together at the middle of the night,
no more kecik to watch movies with me every thursday night,
no more kecik to called me Kakak Gemuk,
no more kecik to go training netball together,
no more kecik to always text me ;
"tikah,kau ada kt mana? jom pegi makan"

call me emotional, hati lembut whatsoever.
I'm going to miss you kecik !
I really do.

I love you bestfriend!

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