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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Facts of the day;

# I have nothing to do except watching video tutorial on youtube, eat , watching online drama series ;America Next Top Model from season 1 up till current season .

# Somebody told me that our official final result will be announced tomorrow. I'm not really excited to know my official result since I know it won't differ much from what I've seen on our so-called result-tak official-saje-nak testing. haha.

# Somebody just made fun of me this morning. You are so rude bloody annoying boy.

# I noticed that people always stare at me when I'm in public. Is there something wrong with me? maybe aku kelihatan sangat comel pada mata kalian? Haha. Atau pun ada ke orang superimpose muka aku dalam website mana mana sampai masyarakat memandang aku begitu? Hahaha

# Facebook is no longer making me feel excited about it anymore. It just plain boring. I dont feel like having my own privacy anymore. Yela semua benda kau komen or borak keluar kat newsfeed. Tak ke rasa takdeprivacy. Maybe era Fb dah berlalu. Ngahhhhhhhhhaha just wait for a new technology to come.

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