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Friday, December 10, 2010

Blurp. *ops sorry

Hi! Sorry I can't resist the temptation to update my blog.
You know lah how I love to crap things in my blog. So,I just want to make a short post.
My dad is my hero. He is such a multi talented person; He can simply do things like a Pro.
Did I ever mentioned here that my dad is a really good chef? Did I? OK fine I didn't.Haha

So, this is our dinner for tonight.
Beef stick original recipe from my dad.
Simply delicious. Sorry for low quality of photo anyway.
Handphone tak pro sangat. Hehe

Ok tata. Aku nak pegi gosok gigi dan men FLos gigi ni.
Daging daging dah melekat kat besi.

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