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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jom berkenalan

Tagged by Farah. Adik manis dari zaman sekolah.

"Once u have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random random, things, fact, habits or goal about you at the end, choose people to be tagged you have to tag the person who tagged. if i tag you, its because i want to know more about you, your cooperation is highly appreciated."

so here we go.

1. My name is Nur Atiqah Nordin.
2. People usually called me tiqah, tnoe, ikah, sometimes si comel. lol
3. I have been living in Putrajaya since 2006. I ♥ Putrajaya.
4. I have 5 siblings. 2 elder brothers, 2 younger sisters. I'm in the middle.
5. I love cooking so much. I'm able to cook delicious & scrumptious food. You name it.
6. Now I'm struggling to complete my Degree in Bac.Education TESL.
7. Even though I'm doing TESL, my writing skill nor my Speaking skill is not as good as what people
always think I am. But I'm still learning to improve my skills. Well it is better late than never right?
8. I love to make new friends.
9. I have a weird habit. I couldn't stand even a second in a messy & untidy room. So that's why my room is always clean and neat. haha
10. I like swimming.
11.I love singing too. Jom karaoke sekarang.
12. I like loitering with my bestfriends. Give the whole day I can survive talking non stop with them.
13.oh ya , I'm a BOROS person sometimes. I tend to buy things I don't really need. I just buy things for fun.
Bad isn't?
14. I like fashion & food so much. I can spend hours in front of my laptop watching Make up tutorial, shawl tutorial, & even how-to-make-cupcakes tutorial.
15. I don't have a boyfriend at the moment. I don't feel like having one right now. =_=
16. I like sports as well. I can play netball, badminton, pingpong & batu seremban very well. Wait does batu seremban categorized as sports as well? -___-
17. I like travelling. But among all the places in the world, Makkah & Madinah are the best places to go. I have been there. I feel like I want to stay there for the rest of my life.


18. I'm learning Spanish right now. I want to be fluent in Spanish. I want to go to Spain and meet Rosalinda. Haha
19. Sometimes I do have low self esteem problem. I feel I don't deserve what I have now. Sometimes lah.
20. I can't live without good Internet connection. It is because I spend most of my time using Internet to do my assignments, to get connected with friends all over the world, and even to learn how to cook? So that's why I'm a bit disappointed when I'm back at my college there is no good Internet connection. I feel like I'm dying, dying .So I end up gossiping my friends. lol
21. I have super cool people in my life. I have my great family, my bestfriends, my coursemates, and my other friends as well. They completed me.
22. I have problem with my TUDUNG all the time. What I mean is, my Tudung always look cacat like rosak, senget sana sini. I hate it. Anyone has any idea how to make my tudung stay in place for the whole day? Please let me know.
23.I love books as well. I read all kind of books. You should see the book shelf in my room. It's full of books.
24. I always wanted to slim down a bit. But hell no. The food is just a good temptation for me. Nak kurus.
25. Ok I'm done. I can keep on writing but I don't think you guys are willing to read the whole things because by the end of this post you will noticed that hey atiqah has a lot of things to be shared. stop writing bcause nobody wants to read it.ahaha.

so I want to know about you people;

I tagged :

*atiqah zulazmi
*deeba samad
*Fatin Baharuddin
*Kak syud Gojes
*Nabila Najwa cun
*hidayati a.k.a tatie
*Span kempis.
*Hidayah Sazali

Ok bubye for now


Nabila Najwa said...

cantik tulisann ! :)

tnoe said...

comelkan tulisan.