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Friday, February 18, 2011

so long

Hi people all over the world.
How are you ? Everything is good and goes smoothly as it should be
or the other way around?
Mine is OK I think.
Starting to work on my assignments and I just finished my 1st test
for this semester. Whatever with the past has gone the best is always
yet to come. OK move on.
I think my English skill is getting worst.
I should do something about it.
Yes I should.
oh ya I have finished reading a book written by Malaysian Writer
Maclean Patrick.
The title is The Bicycle.
The book is just awesome. I like it very much.
The writer portrays the issue of love amazingly.
It explains how we should be strong to fight for someone we love.
Life is about taking risk. Life itself is risky already.
I cried when I read the part where the hero Sam,
confess his love and feelings towards Elizabeth.
So sad yet so romantic.
You guys should read it as well.
Go find the book in any bookstore.
It costs only RM 12.
Support our local writer.
Next I have to read Green is the colour.
till then readers.

1 comment:

sakuradila said...

fight for someone we love?
naseb xde sape agi kah3
goodluck tnoe!