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Saturday, April 16, 2011


I still cant believe I have almost finished my 2nd semester.

Never thought it would be this fast.

Dang! I will miss this semester so much.

Because as I compared this semester with previous one,

I get to know more people this sem.

I ♥ making new friends anyway.

On top of that,

I believe I have learned lots of things as well.

This semester also taught me to be a better person.

I need to organize myself wisely.

I have to make sure everything is on a right track.

If I didnt, then I will end up crying.


I also get to know my course mates better.

I started to hang out more with Bobo, Nancy, Nanthini,

Mogana & others.

They are super cooool.

♥ you people.

So what are my new resolution for next semester?

- I want to speak more English in my daily life.

You see it is not that I don't appreciate our own Bahasa, but then,

one day I will be an English Teacher, so i have to familiarise myself with the

language from the very beginning. I want to make sure I'm good enough in

the language so that I am able to teach my future students successfully.

now days I do speak English with my coursemate (in the class only) but I want to make it

a habit for me. I want to be good in it. Yeayy

I want to read more books in order to enriched my vocabulary.

sometimes it is sad when you have lots of good idea to tell people but

because of the problem ; Lack of vocabulary, I felt limited to point out my

view. :( So I need to read more. It is compulsory! Ogey tnoe?

- I want to get know more more and more people. Making new friends is good.

you can learn from them different people. That's why Allah has created us differently so

that we will have the chance to get to know each other.

-I want to get fantastic result for every semester.

I want to put more effort for it. I don't want to waste any of the chances I have.

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