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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I come from a very big family you know. My mother is the 2nd daughter from 8 siblings. So you do the math how many cousins I have basically. We are so close to each other since we were small until now. But as the time goes by, I can feel the difference that is happening right now. We are still close but as everyone has their own things to be settled, own responsibility we are not as close as we used to be back then. Now the family is getting bigger with new babies coming, someone getting married soon, someone will be somebody's fiancee & so forth. Kikikiki. I don't want my relationship with my cousins to change. I love those days when we were playing together, gossip2 together, call each other silly name, hahaha. rindu siot. I really miss it. I know one of my ultimate stalkers is my cousin, ayin. She reads my blog. I love you sista.

Ya ALLAH kau lindungilah kami sekeluarga dari segala bala bencana,kau kuatkanlah ikatan kekeluargaan kami.

sorry la emosi pula. aku came out dgn post ini sebab tadi aku dok sorang2 fikir cepatnya masa berlalu. (':

ok bai

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