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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thank you papa for :

*always be there for me every time I need a good supporter. I remember those days when I used to joined all sorts of activities back in primary school. Example, nasyid. My teacher always ask our nasyid group to perform for hari anugerah cemerlang. One day, when we were about to start our performance, suddenly the microphone didnt well functioned. Dem, malu gila dah la aku solo masa tu. Until for quiet sometime the mic was still like that. Suddenly I heard somebody was clapping hands. That was my father. He tried to give me support and tell me to go on singing without the microphone. AND I DID. thank you.

*always be someone I can count on if I'm in trouble. I remember that time when I was in Debat Competition in UIA. We were given a topic and we only had a few minutes to digest the topic and came out with brilliant idea to go against our opposition. That was really challenging. We used all medium to get information. I called my father to ask for opinions and idea. He was busy that time but then he still had time to help me out with my points. Thank you. Thank you pa.

*My father always remind me plan things wisely and carefully. He hates things to be done on last minutes. If he said we will go out at 5.30 pm so by 5.25 pm you have to be there already. 5.30 pm will be the time to go not to terhegeh-hegeh baru nak bergerak. Haha.

* He saved my life once. There was a time when I was cooking for lunch and suddenly the flame from the stove suddenly went 'crazy and wild" until it burned the ceiling. Takut gila.Kau bayangkanlah tengah2 syok masak2 tiba tiba api tu marah menyambar kuali & tiba2 jadi besar. I tried to stop the flame but somehow I was panicked like hell and I couldnt think of anything. Luckily my dad arrived home just in time and he was the one who stop the flame . I couldnt imagine if he wasnt there. Dah arwah agaknya aku. T____________T

Happy Father's Day Mr Nordin.

I love you.

Ebendo you are;

- quiet strict and a very particular person. Yelalah nak potong buah n decorate pun selalu aku kena tegur sebab potong buah besau2. T_T

hahaha Ok bai.


spankuning said...

sob sob. touching. :')

tnoe said...

Span, jom nangis. haha

NURUL AIN said...

amazing...happy father's day MR NORDIN

tnoe said...

@nurul ain

thank you!