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Friday, September 16, 2011

1st week 3rd semester

Hello people!! I'm back in town.wohooo yes I know I just broke my new semester resolution. I said in my previous post i wont go back to my house every weekend. but what I'm supposed to do when everyone else in my college did the same thing? I didn't want to stay alone in my room and do nothing except eating and sleeping. So I've decided to go back and here I am typing this post while smiling.HAHAHAHAHA.

So I just settled my 1st week of classes for my 3rd semester in UPM.
Just one word i could describe how I feel ;

dang! Imagine my classes started early in the morning and ended almost at the time I reached my hostel I'm totally at the weakest condition. :"( Oh I have to climb the stairs lagi. 5th floor wei! (menangis).

anyways, jangan nak lemah sangat wahai diri sendiri. Baru berjalan sikit dah mengeluh. takpe lama2 ogey la. Yeay.

classes are just fine. I think I kinda like Dr Arshad's class the most.
There was one question asked by my lecturer which keep bugging me for the last few days;

"Why TESL?" "Why teaching? DO you really love teaching?"

I think I should start to think about this 2 questions now.
Do I really have the passion to teach?


so tell me hows your classes going on so far?Take care loves!

Dear excitement, please stay for the rest of the semester, & even better for
the whole coming years.

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