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Saturday, November 26, 2011


So my friend; Fidah asks me about my new year resolutions this year.

Here we go. Apparently I don't really know what I really want for the time being.

- Get better grade for my 3rd semester examination.
- Be a better person (solat awal, lebihkan baca Al Quran, be kind to others, less gossip.haha)
- Better relationship. :)
- manage to fulfill all my responsibilities efficiently.
- Let go my fear to try something new. Just go for it and DO IT! NOW OR NEVER!

how about yours?
Let me know.


I wong (依之汉) said...

Finish JOC excellently!

tnoe said...

Kan?? we can do it!

Saydatul said...

tnoe! *kiss kt pipi kiri n kanan ko, malu aku..hehe, insyaAllah moge 2 ko dapat capai semua tu! aku nk ko ingtkan aku tau, salh satu azam aku, nk reduce makan roti! 1 minggu 3 kali sje, bkn setiap hari! moge2 bjaye.. ^_^

tnoe said...

Aku pun nak kurus!