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Friday, November 11, 2011

Balance between two. Or more.

Few of my friends keep asking me the same questions;

"What you have been doing Atiqah? Why r u so busy now? No time to lepak with us"


So let me answer those questions.

first of all, The Journalism on campus (JOC) thingy. JOC is basically a programme organized by News Strait Times (NST) with the collaboration with UPM. The mission is to give the exposure to UPM students about how journalism industry is all about.

We have to come up with our own English Newspaper for 8 consequence months.

All the process of getting what are the stories to be published in the papers, photography, ad/sales,
as well as layout /design will be done by the students with the help from NST's mentor
and the lecturers from UPM.

So I'm in the editorial team. My group have to do all the write up parts for the newspaper.
Sounds easy right? (zzzz). The truth is, it is freaking hard. The job is really like a real journalist. You have to set appointment with the particular person regarding to the issue you're working on, have an interview session, ask questions, then the hardest part of all.......

The Write up part! -.-

You have to make sure everything you write is correct. Its all about fact! gahhh! Alhamdulillah I survive so far. Oh ya for the 1st issue I cover the story for the front page issue and the center spread. I'm so nervous whats the outcome will look like. I hope my advisor like it. I tried my very best to produce good article. I know my language is ____, that's why I'm so nervous right now. Never mind this is just a beginning. more to come.

Next, I'm one of the Committee Members for KMR's nasyid team.
My job is to make sure the team have their proper meeting 2 3 times a week,
to tell them when is the training session,
and yes,
to make sure whatever necessity they need is sufficient.
Example; lyrics, or maybe food?haha

This semester as well, I'm a part of the Sport's sector for KMR(this is my residential college for your info).
I'm the secreatry and you know how the thing works right?
Type surat itu ini.

Dan semalam baru dpt jawatan baru iaitu penolong ketua aras.
Life is just great (zzzzzzzz)
I hope they won't give me any kerja since I have already
a mountain of assignments to be done.

I love what I'm doing right now.
It teaches me how to be independent, how to approach people, how to create a good networking, hey now days is not only about good grades which will make us a successful person, soft skills is important as well.

But yet, education is the 1st priority. I have to manage my time wisely now.
Wish me the best.

So hows your study life so far? Let me know.


CIK FAFAZ said...

study sy so far was not consistent !
study if ade mood.
ouhhhh! help help !

I wong (依之汉) said...

My life as super human still the same. :D

Fafa Adnan said...

yang tanye tu met cik papaz kan? haha
btw, ggod luck! :D

tnoe said...


u can do it!ingat harapan ibu ayah! :D

@izham super human
You're super human thats why u manage to keep up with everything.

thankssssss fa! you tooo! :]