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Thursday, April 10, 2008

special 4 pepod;


i don't know suddenly i feel like i want to write something that cross my mind just now.
it s about love.ya!!i know most of us like to read,to share about we know there are many kind of love,love to to our parents and so forth..but i specifically would like to talk about love among opposite gender.Lately..some of my friends got their problems with their partners.From my point of view..mostly the main issues are JEALOUSY and THE 3rd person.somehow i wonder why should this problem happen??for me,we should trust our partner and never doubt their loyalty.If he/she is meant to be ours so why should we burden our mind to fight over them just because of jealous.I tend to think that is a biggest problem among couples now days.My advice..just be more matured in managing our relationship.Think rationally.Tolerate each other nicely better than argue and point finger to one another.That's not the solution to maintain a good are some info that i would like to share.Hope it will help people who faced their problem with their partners.
How to maintain a good relationship:
  • Honesty is the key of happiness.
  • Treats your partner like there is no tomorrow(i like this phrase.i got it through my reading)
  • try to be a good comedian.Good sense of humor will helps a lot in maintaining good relationship.
  • Never ever give pressure to our partner.
  • Always respect his/her privacy.Give them a space
  • Never ever forget to tell he/she how much you love them.
  • If any crisis happen..lets sit and talk nicely and hear from both side.Never ever make your own conclusion.
  • Just be yourself.


rosemahmoud said...

how I wished if there are NO such immoral-doings happened in such a relationship.

UNLESS you're married.

better DON'T than DO if you knew well you wouldn't have self-control within yourself.


tNOe said...

this whole love thing
depends la kat kite gak.
klu iman kuat,,,
tjamin la.
kalu x hanyut la.
pk la sendiri,