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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No it is not easy

Bestfriends are someone who you can tell all your secrets and dreams and you know
they wont laugh. and they are also someone who you can tell everything
that bothers your and know they will be there right beside you;
and today I realised something,
bestfriends are someone who you can just spill out anything to them
and know they wont get mad at you because they know you're
just trying so hard to be honest.
but is it soo easy to just spill anything you're thinking about them and
tell them what they are doing is not right to your situation?
No No No it is not.
somehow well done is better than well said.
I just cant do it.
It is hard.
lots of things to be considered.
I dont want to hurt somebody's feeling.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i do miss u alot tnoe . seriously ;(
aku slalu bace blg kau to keep current informationn about u . aku tak kisah kalau kau lupe kt aku . kau ramai bestfrens out there . tapi takpela . aku tak kisah pon . dh bese . btw , aku mmg suke bce blog kau lagi2 post kau time spm until kau msok from 6 . hehehe . seronok gile bce . kau always mentioned my name . hehe takpe tnoe . good luck utk exam . do your best :D

rindu kau tahap maut !