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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lenguh Kaki

Shopping is just a good therapy for myself. By doing so, I tend to forget all my problems.
Haha. Went out shopping and hanging out with my sisters. We went to Jusco Equin,
New Giant Superstore, and our final destination ,of course ALAMANDA GEDUNG HARIAN ANDA.

I went crazy and super excited seeing that the prices were totally cheap and low. Imagine lah 50%, 70%. *pengsan sekarang.I'm not that kind of people who always buy things or to be exact clothes and stuffs like every time I go out. I'll buy those things when theres a sale ONLY.(Mostly by the time of Raya, Chinese New Year,Deepavali)

Because I always believe,buying the same thing but with a big difference range of price is just a plain stupid! Haha. Examples, for most of my jeans I bought for 70% discount. Which does make a big difference. From RM100 plus initially, I get to buy the jeans just for RM 3O plus. So, that is why I love Sale so much. Hahaha. I can save my money that my parents gave me to buy other things such as make up , accesories, food. Hehe.

So spend your money wisely. Don't buy things which are unnecessary. Differentiate between your need and what you want. Happy Shopping everybody!


yatie's EPISODE said...

sangat setuju.
shopping time SALE sahaja ok. hee ((:

sakuradila said...

sini xley shopping!
semua mahal.tapi xmahal pon.tpi sbb currency tggi,mmg semua bendaa mahal :(

Atiqah Nordin said...

tati : yes kalau shopping time tak sale mahal betul kan? tak berbaloi.

fad; tu lah. kalau currency jatuh seronok la bersoping kat sana kan?
nak order benda!!!! hehee

[sakuradila] said...

amboi.ko nak order ape?ke nak order kalo currency jatuh?xpaham haha
pape pakai shoutbox aku eh..
fb ke hehehe