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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lecturer saya kewl abis lorh

Hi people . I'm back. Yes here I'm typing this post on my lovely comfortable bed.
No I'm not in my college. So ayuh la bergumbira.Haha

Tomorrow is Thaipusam. So its holiday. Since Thursday & Friday I don't have classes to attend,
home is the best place to return to. Oh actly I have only one class on Thursday which is my Spanish Class.

Yeyyy Spanish class is so exciting. I have learned few basic words that I can use in my daily life, plus the lecturer is super kewl! My senora is a Filipino but then she can speaks Bahasa so kewl is that? Kau boleh ke? Cuba la kalau reti.haha.

I started to love new semester so much. The lecturers are nice and funny. I like my Malaysian Literature in English very much. Dr Rohimi is a great lec. He knows how to catch our attention and that is what makes us so happy to participate in any discussion in his class. When I started to be an educator, I want to be just like him. The way he explains things is so relax & effortless.

Wait why I'm typing about my lecturer anyway? Nak markah lebih ke?haha.
Sebenarnya aku takde idea nak tulis ape kat blog ni. Jadi itu yang aku mereepek bagai ni.
Ok la nak bermanja dengan mak dulu.

Nanti aku post lagi. Idea matang banyak ni nak tulis. See you again readers.

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