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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mis Amigos

I never post anything about them before as far I remember,
These two amazing girlfriends are the ones I spent most of my time with
at hostel @ class.They always be there for me in thick & thin.
Even though we come from different religion, races, but it doesn't mean
we cant be a good friend to each other. Both f them are Chinese & Buddhist.
Can you imagine, they always remind me to
'solat' every time we hear the azan. They will always wait for me outside or near the surau every time I need to 'solat'. They even willing to wait for me at the bus stop at night because
I have to attend different class & unfortunately the class end at night. I'm afraid to walk alone in the dark. So I called Teng.I cant imagine if they weren't there that time.
I ♥ you girlfriends. Hopefully our friendship will last longer
sampai dah tua berkedut. Haha

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