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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fasa matang belaka

I gt the inspiration to write this when I was in toilet.
Uhuk . Sorry 4 being a bit "pengotor".haha

As most of you know,
I have 5 siblings. I have 2 elder brothers & 2 younger sisters.
I think now we have come to the time where we don't talk
to each other so often like we use to back in our childhood time.
When we were young & fabulous, we talked to a lot,, we played together
whatever games that came across our mind that time.

Like me and my second brother,
We had almost the same pattern of shirts. Maybe his shirt would be red & mine
was red but a bit line here & there. The theme was still red. Haha. I miss those days.

Now days,
things are different already.
My 1st brother is 30 years old,
He has his own family to handle & to spend most of his time with.
I rarely seen him now, since I have to stay in hostel.

My second brother,
23 years old. Final year this sem.
Will be graduating as an engineer soon.
He is now very busy with his final project & so forth.
I do talk to him but only important things tho.

My younger sisters,
17 & 14 years old. Busy with with their own
routine & activities.
But I do hang out with them sometimes.

Hei why I'm typing this anyway?
oh because I miss those days when we were young &
stick together all the time. We had so much fun together &
we are still having fun now, it is just a matter of time where we
are all busy with our own stuff to deal with.

I love you brothers & sisters;

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