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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Crabby Patty

I have lot of works to do. Let me list them out so that I won’t forget every single of them. Crap !I hate homework

  1. Do short story for survey class.
  2. Do TITAS ulasan thingy. I hate reading. Wait, who likes it anyway? X__X
  3. Read 2 short stories for MLIE class. Yahoo no class at all next week. Err I do like that class. Dr rohimi is super cool.
  4. Improve my writing skill. I think my writing skills in English is getting worst. I need to improve it NOW.
  5. Do my Spanish exercises frequently so that I will be able to talk to senora confidently.
  6. overcoming overeating? *ehh ni kenapa kat sini? haha
Penderitaan setiap bulan kembali menghantui lagi. Bertabah lah menjadi seorang wanita.

1 comment:

Nurana said...

perlukan penasihat makanan cm kat skewl dulu..;p