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Saturday, August 25, 2012

good thing

Blog ini akan dibiarkan bersawang mulai esok, atau akan di 'privatekan' 
seketika. Tuan blog nak balik UPM dah selasa ni. Bermula lah kehidupan busy.
Bermula lah kehidupan tak cukup tido,
tak cukup makan (eh)
tak cukup hiburan (eh)

Tapi kalau tak busy bukan student namanya.
Assalamualaikum uols! jangan rindu2 I okay?
nanti ada  masa kat UPM di celah2 kesibukan tu ada
feel nak update pape I update lah !


Don't  depend too much on people to make you happy,
they tend to let you down.
But depend on ALLAH all the time,
HE wont do such thing to you.

And it is definitely true,
ALLAH make something happened to us to make us closer to HIM.
I'm okay now. In fact BETTER.
We do sins everyday but ALLAH always there to forgive us.


Go and work hard for your own happiness.
Never let anyone make you feel like you're not 
worth it. 
Everyone deserves to be respected & deserves happiness.

semoga ALLAH mengampunkan dosa2 kita.



依之汉 said...

I will miss u sis! Don't forget to greet me if you see me any at UPM. My ghost will be there... (especially at FBMK.. =P )

tnoe said...

will do!
lets go to the book fair together lagi !