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Thursday, August 2, 2012

What are your dreams in life?

Assalamualaikum! 13th day of the fasting month! another 17days to go. I love the environment and feeling of this holy month so much. It teaches us to be a better person. Basically just feel like getting into the mood to post in my blog. Now I'm on my semester break starting from 24 Jun till 28 August 2012. I'm not working. Yes this explains why I'm always available on facebook. (hidup takde arah tuju.haha).

I remember there was one moment in my life in 2010, a person asked me about my dreams and goals in my life. I told her I want to be financially stable before I'm 30 years old. Yes that's my goal. I want to be able to give anything and everything to my parents, I want to own a special organization for less fortunate people. Have you ever experienced the feeling of watching a child with no parents sleeping besides the road with no proper clothes to wear? Sad isn't? 

Then I asked myself now reflecting what I've stated 2 years ago. How I'm going to achieve my dream if I don't have any plan and strategy? So now I need to think what I'm going to do.I think I've almost there to the solution.I'm 22 now another 7 years plus minus to go. Insya ALLAH. 

Wish me luck everyone! 


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