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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life is short.

Going back to kampung tomorrow morning.
One of our relatives passed away just now.

There's only a small
thin line between life & death.

That was what came out from my mouth when my mum told me the news.
Al Fatihah.

See,how fast does it happens. No one even realise. Maybe now we are still breathing,talking,
laughing with our loved ones, who knows in just a blink of eyes, everything will be gone.

just a small thin line. Just it. Small thin line. Just a second and your whole life will change.

If I don't have my opportunity and my time has come,
Just so you guys know,
Family & friends,

I really ♥ you people. And guess what, every night before I go to sleep,
I always recite my DOA so that ALLAH will give all the happiness in life to my family & friends.

We will never know when our time will come,
but one thing for sure, all of us will experience it sooner or later.
It is all about time. Life on earth is just temporary. Life hereafter is everlasting,
that is our destination.

Al Fatihah dear Makcik,
I ♥ you

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CIK FAFAZ said...

takziah tnoe.